School begins again Tuesday September 2 for all students in grades 1-4!   Yard supervison begins at 8:45am. Class lists will be posted in the back yard- look for your colour....

 grade 1-orange,     grade 2-yellow,         grade 3- green,         grade 4- red.

Full Day Kindergarten begins this year at Bayview!   JK intakes will be on Tuesday and Wednesday followed by staggered entry on Thursday and Friday with all JK students attending on Monday September 8. SK staggered entry will be on Tuesday and Wednesday with all students in by Thursday September 4 . 

The Extended Day Program (EDP)  is offered before and after school (students in JK-grade 4) and is run by our Early Childhood Educators. In the morning  the extended day program runs from  7:00 to 8:45 am and after school  from 3:30-6:00pm. At present the children are divided into two groups: Kinders (base room is Rm. 1) and Grades 1-4 (base room is Room 2B).  Parents bringing their children to the EDP, should enter by the exterior door (near to Room 2B). Staff will be on hand to assist you and point you in the right direction. The front door will be locked until 8:30am.

Due to full-day Kindergarten and Extended Day Program, the KINDER YARD is for exclusive use by students in these programs  between the hours of 7:00 am -6pm.    Kinder students will be met and dismissed from the kinder gate. This ensures safety for all our children. Thank you for understanding.  Families are welcome to use the play areas at the back of the school before and after school.

On regular school days, buses will be met at the front of the school and children brought to the kindergarten yard or directed to the grade 1-4 yards.   If you are bringing your child to school, please bring them directly to the back of the school (school yard) where they will be supervised until 9 am and then met by their teachers and brought inside.

We look forward to greeting our students on next week! 

Bienvenue à notre site web! / Welcome to our webpage!

Office Hours:  8:30-4:00 pm         Instructional Day: 9:00-3:30 pm

For safety, the school doors are locked during the school day.  There is a doorbell by  the front door which is answered during office hours. 

Principal:  Vivian Bright 
Office Administrator: Tobin Laliberté  
Office Assistant 
(mornings): Kelly Beardshaw
Chief Custodian:  Kathy Presley
Superintendant of Instruction:  Norah Marsh
Trustee:  Shirley Seward




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